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Harvest Festival

It's that time of year to celebrate the fall harvest! Come out to the Campus Farm on Sunday, October 5th, between 1 and 5pm for food, music, farm tours and fun! This year at the Festival we'll be enjoying seasonal foods and local music by the likes of Magdalen Fossum, Abigail Stauffer and The Appleseed Collective's dynamic duo, the Time Travelers! Free buses will be running between the Rackham Building and the Campus Farm on an hourly loop throughout the event, departing Rackham on the 45's from 12:45pm on, and departing Matthaei on the 15's until 5:15pm. There is also parking available at the farm. Proceeds from the event will benefit the innovative work of UMSFP's member groups. Donations can be made before the event via the "Giving" tab on our website, as well as in person at the festival. 

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Volunteers needed:

If you're interested in donating your time to help our event run successfully, sign up here! You'll get to be a part of something great!

First Planet Blue Ambassador Appreciation Day Held on May 10

May 21, 2013 | by Graham Sustainability Institute

Read the full article at the Planet Blue website

"Nearly 50 certified Planet Blue Ambassadors (faculty, students, and staff) participated in the first annual Planet Blue Ambassador Appreciation Day on Friday, May 10, 2013 at U-M's Matthaei Botanical Gardens. 

The Ambassadors began the afternoon by being introduced to the U-M Campus Farm by leaders from the U-M Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP). While at the Campus Farm, Ambassadors volunteered to help prepare the garden for spring. Ambassadors weeded the plot, mulched, picked winter crops from the greenhouses, and planted the first crop of the season: potatoes."

Strengthening Communication within the UMSFP

ARTDES 300 - Sustainable Food System Design

Art & Design 300.012, 3 credits

M/F 8:30-11:30am

Professor Joe Trumpey | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This course explores a wide variety of contemporary and historic food systems at several scales including conventional, organic, and permaculture. Weekly site visits include trips to a dairy farm, a beef operation, a small permaculture farm, a CSA, a farmers market, a community farm in Detroit, the MSU student farm, and a slaughterhouse. Students will read and present work from a range of contemporary farm / food literature and will work on completing a series of original designs. Early designs will be on assigned topics and a final design project is self-directed. Graduate students and non-A&D students will need overrides to register. Enrollment is limited to 25 students. 

Topics: Open to a full array of upstream to downstream topics

  • Soil Science
  • Water and nutrient cycles
  • Seedstock
  • Livestock
  • Organic Ag
  • Conventional Ag
  • Michigan Ag
  • Student / Campus Ag
  • Urban Ag
  • Food Justice

Course Goals:

  • Develop a working definition of Sustainable Food
  • Deepen your knowledge of a particular aspect of Food Systems
  • Develop a research process focused on site evaluation and critical reflection
  • Enhance and embrace your creative process
  • Develop a focused design process

Earth Day Buffet

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