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Florida Seminars Success

Here's a behind-the-scenes peek into the work being done for the UMSFP. Months ago, Leadership Team members were honored to be invited to present at the Florida Seminars. The seminars are hosted by the University in Boca Raton, FL, for members of the University Presidential Societies and eligible donors, and highlight exciting work being done by faculty, students, and programs from across the University.

The Leadership Team put some serious work into creating a beautiful and informative presentation to capture what we're doing to bring a sustainable food program to the University. Professor Mike Shriberg presented with three members of the UMSFP leadership team: Lindsey MacDonald, Lauren Beriont, and Sarah Schwimmer. There were many great seminars put on by our peers, faculty members, and alumni yesterday. The highlight of our day was the fact that University President Mary Sue Coleman chose to sit in on our session!

We spoke about the evolution of sustainable food initiatives at the University, from Cultivating Community to the Outdoor Adventures Garden to the Integrated Assessment. We explained the role and vision of the UMSFP, including the campus farm, satellite gardens, and academics.

The presentation was very well received by the audience. Afterwards, President Coleman and SNRE Dean Marie Lynn Miranda told us they are very enthusiastic about the UMSFP progress and vision for the future. It was a big honor to present at the seminars and we are thrilled about the response we received!

President Coleman And UMSFP
President Coleman with Lindsey, Lauren, Sarah, and Mike, kale to the victors!


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