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The UMSFP exists thanks to hundreds of hours of dedicated, passionate volunteers, students and friends who have this to say to you ---

"We are students, artists, scientists, engineers, designers, musicians...

We all eat.

Hopefully we all enjoy what we're eating, but more than just eating, it's the growing, harvesting, cooking, and sharing that can foster community in every sense of the word, in every step of the process, and with every creature, critter, and clay particle.

Food connects people to each other and to the natural environment. It is a tool for gathering diverse people around one table to solve some of the biggest challenges of our day.

Improving food systems is a key to improving the planet, and the UMSFP allows us to do all of these things, and enjoy some of the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor along the way.

We hope to create a food culture that everyone can feel good about, that is made up of people who care for each other their community and the plants and animals that make everything beautiful and vibrant."

- UMSFP Volunteers 2012
- Photo by Laura Matson

UMSFP Leadership Team

2014-2015 Leadership Team

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Allie Babcock
LSA:  Biopsychology, Sustainability minor

Becca Baylor
SNRE (M.S. 2015)

Saloni Dagli
Engineering: Environmental Engineering, Urban Studies and Environment minors (B.S. 2016)

Laura Miller
School of Public Health: Human Nutrition - Dietetics (M.S. 2015)

Ha Nyugen
Engineering: Civil and Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.)

Marissa Silverberg
LSA: PitE and Spanish (B.S. 2015)

Erin Watkins
Business: Business Administration (B.B.A. 2017)


2013-2014 Leadership Team

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Mariel Borgman
SNRE: Behavior, Education, and Communication (M.S. 2014)

Allyson Green
SNRE: Env. Justice; SPH: Env. Health Sciences (M.S. 2013, M.P.H. 2014)

Hannah Gingerich
LSA: PitE (B.A. 2015)

Rachael Gingerich
LSA: PitE (B.A. 2014)

Diana Bach
Engineering: Environmental Engineering (B.S. 2014)

Becca Liebschutz

LSA: PitE (B.A, 2015)

Oren Brandvain
SNRE: Landscape Architecture (M.L.A. 2015)

Sammie Levin
Ross School of Business: BBA

Samantha Miller
SNRE: Env. Justice (M.S. 2013)

2012-2013 Leadership Team

The 2012/2013 leadership team built on momentum created by a handful of small groups on campus and created the UMSFP and Campus Farm before transitioning leadership at the end of May 2013.

Lauren Beriont
LSA: PitE (B.S., 2013)

Liz Dengate
SNRE: Conservation Ecology (M.S., 2013)

Allyson Green
SNRE: Env. Justice; SPH: Env. Health Sciences (M.S. 2013, M.P.H. 2014)

Lindsey MacDonald
SNRE: Conservation Ecology (M.S. 2013)

Sarah Schwimmer
LSA: PitE / Sociology (B.S. 2013)

Jerry Tyrrell
SNRE: Conservation Ecology (M.S. 2013)

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