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February Reflections

February was a crazy-busy month for those of us involved with the UMSFP-- but crazy-busy only means good things. Yesterday, we had the UMSFP Advisory Board meeting, and looked over all the food-related events that happened during the month.

MSFI kicked off February with Talk with Your Mouth Full, during which people ate delicious local food and shared stories; there were weekly farm/greenhouse workdays that brought students together to plant new seeds and tend to our sprouting seedlings; a few of us from the UMSFP team presented at the Florida Seminars, which I wrote about here; UMBees held their honey-gram Valentine's sale, which was hugely successful; more than 150 people attended the CAFE Food Symposium, which Liz wrote about here; people learned about food at the live streaming/viewing of the TedX Food Talks; UMSFP hosted a member group potluck and brought together people from all of the food-related student organizations around campus; and the Local Food Summit provided incredible seasonal food, thought-provoking speakers, engaging breakout sessions, and cool workshops on a huge variety of food topics to a large and diverse audience-- check out my photos of the event here


All in one month! And a short month, at that. That's pretty freaking awesome.

March looks promising as well. And we're kicking it off with our Kale to the Victors t-shirt contest! If you'll be going somewhere amazing, doing something exciting, eating great food, or just generally being awesome before March 15th, you should definitely put on your K2V tee and snap a pic, because you could win gift certificates to the A2 Student Food Co and Zingerman's, and a basil plant to add some sweet spice to your life. Read more here!

For those of you on break this week, I hope you have awesome adventures! 

Kale to the victors!


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